What is a Darpinion, and why do I care?

dar – PIN – yun 1.) (n): satirical opinion about something happening in the world

2.) (v): the act of creating a satirical opinion about something happening in the world

As you can see, by the definition, a darpinion is much like an opinion, only different, and better.  You should care, because, if you don’t, it will deeply hurt my feelings, and I will exercise my powers of advanced wizardry to seek you out, destroy you, take ownership of your property (including your family), and put them through years of re-programming and systematic abuse.  Abuse that will involve terrapin turtles in some creative and evil way†.  I haven’t worked out the details yet.

The purpose of this page is satirical in nature, and is meant, primarily, for the laughter I’d like to generate in the world.  There are also times that semi-serious blogs will be posted, and I hope they can generate thought provoking discussion.

Commenting rules are simple!  They are as follows…

1.) If you voted for George W. Bush, and still think he was a good president, then for the love of God, don’t comment.*

†Note: I’m not really planning on torturing anyone. Torture should be left to the pros: Dick Cheney and the faculty at Gitmo.

*Note: I don’t dislike conservative republicans in any way, but I hardly consider George W. Bush to be a conservative republican.  If you do…my condolences.




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